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At the ANU College of Business and Economics, our research is focused on issues that are highly significant for organisations, the Australian economy, and society at large, as well as on the ongoing pursuit of excellence in foundation research.

CBE researcher wins prominent management award

24 November 2020

Professor Ofer Zwikael receives top honours for his book on project management.

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CBE economists awarded prestigious grant

20 November 2020

Tally of ARC-funded projects underway in the College now up to 24 projects.

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'Big picture' economist wins top prize

27 October 2020

Professor Markus Brueckner has won one of Australia's most prestigious prizes in economics.

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Revolutionising evidence-based policies

09 October 2020

CBE researchers continue to produce and disseminate high-quality, high-impact research.

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Making a global impact

07 October 2020

Ongoing CBE collaboration could swiftly change the way we communicate scientific content.

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Sure about being uninsured

17 September 2020

New work highlights the characteristics of uninsured workers in the US.

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An app a day can keep the doctor away

15 September 2020

New research investigates patients’ emotional connection with mobile health-monitoring services.

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The role of geography in bankruptcy

05 August 2020

New research provides geographic dimension to corporate bankruptcy contagion.

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‘Grandfather of HECS’ recognised

22 June 2020

CBE Professor Bruce Chapman AO receives prestigious honour, named an Officer of the Order of Australia.

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Worker trust drives delegation

05 May 2020

The amount of trust workers place in their management affects their responsibilities.

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We know about the bad but is there any good?

23 April 2020

CBE's Professor Giles Hirst explores the positives to come from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Unlocking the economy during the lockdowns

14 April 2020

Restarting the economy while providing levers for health authorities to keep the COVID-19 outbreak controlled.

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Professor to lead prestigious Biometrics journal

09 April 2020

RSFAS Professor Alan Welsh to lead prestigious Biometrics journal.

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Hibernating the economy through COVID-19

07 April 2020

CBE academics are behind the Australian Government’s approach to hibernate the economy.

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Secure worker entitlements before JobKeeper

06 April 2020

The JobKeeper subsidy can make workers and the nation worse off if workers aren't guaranteed their entitlements.

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Effect of Indonesia’s COVID-19 stimulus packages

02 April 2020

Two factors limit the ability of Indonesia’s government to stimulate the economy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Trade implications of Hong Kong’s ongoing unrest

02 April 2020

The social unrest in Hong Kong continues amidst the growing health crisis, compounding market effects.

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Australian economy: Lessons from the Spanish flu

02 April 2020

How do the dimensions and policy implications of the Spanish Flu compare with COVID-19

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The Hibernating Economy: State of Play April 1

01 April 2020

The impact of fixed ongoing payments on various parts of the economies.

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Wage subsidies during COVID-19 are a bad idea

29 March 2020

Wage subsidy is not good policy during economic hibernation, and is likely to impede the recovery process.

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Pandemic Debt Exemption

27 March 2020

Addressing bankruptcy and insolvency arising due to the shutdowns in the pandemic.

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The Hibernating Economy: banking state of play

25 March 2020

How banks are coordinating their activities while the economy is in hibernation.

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How do we Hibernate the Economy when we must?

23 March 2020

Highlighting the role of banks in providing insurance for businesses during the economic hibernation period.

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HECS-style loans during the crisis is a bad idea

22 March 2020

The argument that income-contingent schemes are not appropriate for workers affected by a downturn in demand.

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The cost of not being clear about what you want

18 March 2020

New work looks at how to reduce ambiguous language in requirement documents to bring about better delivered outcomes.

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The risk of being too risk-averse in the APS

27 February 2020

Former Commonwealth Auditor-General analyses the current culture of risk management within the public service.

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2019 CBE Research in Review

12 February 2020

A synopsis of the funding and research outcomes enjoyed by the College last year.

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Superannuation rise is a divided issue

10 February 2020

Increasing minimum superannuation contributions by 2.5% may not be the panacea for all retirement income objectives.

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Missing link between agriculture and fertility

22 January 2020

Do external shocks to farming affect fertility?

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ARC Discovery Projects announced for 2020

06 December 2019

CBE academics to explore psychological contracts in older workers, as well as income inequality and automation.

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CBE academic appointed as Emeritus Professor

03 December 2019

Professor Shirley Gregor AO is one of the leading academics at ANU in the field of Business Information Systems.

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Welfare hidden in unclaimed properties

02 December 2019

Dr Eva Vivalt has received a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation to shed light on unclaimed property.

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Job ads and gender in developing countries

28 November 2019

When firms are allowed to be specific, they prefer to hire younger women and older men.

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Alison Booth made Fellow of Econometric Society

22 November 2019

Economist, author, and the first woman in Australia to be made a Fellow of the society.

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Corporate aspirations and irresponsibility

21 November 2019

What factors make a company more likely to act irresponsibly?

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Creating tools to fine-tune learning

20 November 2019

RSE’s Professor John Stachurski has been awarded a prestigious grant of A$1.3 million for his work on digital textbooks.

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ARC funds statistics project with impact

15 November 2019

Dr Francis Hui has received an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2020.

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Algorithms creating trust

18 October 2019

In a candid interview, CBE's cryptocurrency expert Dr Priya Dev discusses why blockchain technology is a pillar of trust

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Supply chain in volatile international relations

17 October 2019

Dr Di Fan from CBE has been appointed as a guest editor of a Special Issue of the Journal of Operations Management.

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Lifting performance of disadvantaged students

16 October 2019

John Mitchell Fellow Dr Sutanuka Roy is conducting large-scale field experiments to improve student outcomes.

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Progress and Change in India

26 September 2019

Recent conference explores the role of India’s history in shaping the country’s current economic structure.

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John A. List at helm of the John Mitchell Lab

23 September 2019

Professor John A. List, world-leading applied economist joins the John Mitchell Economics of Poverty Lab.

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Reputation and earnings forecasts

20 September 2019

Recent research from the ANU College of Business and Economics explores the role that reputation plays for firms.

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What is the price of political uncertainty?

10 September 2019

Australia is set for a bumpy ride in the lead up to the 2020 US elections, writes Dr Phong Ngo.

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Twitter data improves analyst forecast accuracy

30 August 2019

The negative sentiment on Twitter increases analysts' forecast accuracy, CBE expert Dr Stanley Choi explains.

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Making Defence a ‘smarter buyer’

22 August 2019

ANU scholars team up with the Department of Defence in a $1.5 M research collaboration.

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The Fall and Rise of the Indian Economy

15 August 2019

Understanding India’s colonial global connections and its economic development.

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Reforming student loans

13 August 2019

Addressing an international problem.

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Why don’t we need the whole truth?

22 July 2019

This is not just some pedantic debate. It has real world consequences.

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Funding the education architecture

08 July 2019

"Australia has begun a revolution that will go far beyond the funding of higher education students."

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Financing higher education

01 July 2019

Professor Bruce Chapman and Professor Lorraine Dearden provide a snapshot of the history of Income Contingent Loans.

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Working with the Government to transform records

17 June 2019

The aim of the project is to improve public sector organisations’ understanding of the information that they hold.

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Health of the Global Economy? TBD.

24 May 2019

‘The ongoing China-US trade war was inevitable and its solution is still uncertain’

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Death of a close friend hits us hard: ANU study

13 May 2019

The death of a close friend hits harder than we think finds new research at ANU.

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How can LEGO® fix Australian Politics?

10 May 2019

As a tool for conflict resolution, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a serious method to build shared understanding

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Banks are using ineffective tools

08 May 2019

There is no trustworthy evidence that manages the 'risk culture': new ANU report.

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2019 Budget: ‘The numbers are innovative’

18 April 2019

Dr John Hewson and Danielle Wood discuss their interpretations and takeaways from the 2019 Budget

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New Direction of CEPR emphasises research impact

09 April 2019

Ben Phillips has been named as the new Director of the Centre for Economic Policy Research and impact is in his sights.

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Boredom not such a bad thing after all

01 April 2019

Research shows that boredom can trigger an immediate and targeted response that leads to creativity.

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Model efficiency is a model for impact

29 March 2019

CBE economic modelling done with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York resulted in a dramatic gain in efficiency.

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Martin Parkinson launches First Friday Economics

26 March 2019

First Friday Economics is a new monthly event that will attract high calibre economists to speak to young professionals.

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Data science shifting abortion healthcare

06 March 2019

The abortion care experience for Australian women could be improved using recent research methods developed in CBE.

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Management and machine learning

15 January 2019

Visiting Stanford academic, Professor Kathryn Shaw discusses some challenges with machine learning and management

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Time for a broader review of super

14 January 2019

The recent Productivity Commission inquiry was prevented from examining the idea of superannuation.

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How your mood could impact what you see online

10 January 2019

New research from RSA explores a link between moods and how we engage with online content.

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CBE 2018 research—A year in review

09 January 2019

CBE has had a fantastic and diverse output of research throughout 2018—read some of the highlights.

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What can Twitter tell us about business?

18 December 2018

RSA academics have published new research exploring how Twitter data is being used to make earnings forecasts in firms

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