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Frequently Asked Questions - CBE Internship Program

The CBE Internship Program gives students the opportunity to undertake an internship in either semester 1 or semester 2 as a six-unit or twelve-unit elective course.

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About the Internships

Do I need to have previous experience to get an internship?

Previous work experience is not a requirement for eligibility to apply. Some internship hosts will seek students with previous work experience for the knowledge or expertise they can apply to the project. Other hosts will prefer to give the opportunity to students with no previous professional experience.

Regardless, ensure that you include your previous or current work experience, casual employment, volunteering and student leadership roles held on your CV. These experiences help demonstrate to an employer you will have developed and applied valuable work related skills such as communication, teamwork and time management.

What type of organisation will I intern for?

Placements may be available in a range of industries and organisations. Previous interns have been placed in Federal and ACT Government, professional service firms, small to medium companies, the ANU and not for profit organisations.

What type of Projects will I be undertaking?

Projects may be available in a range of academic areas offered by the CBE such as accounting, marketing, business information systems and management. All Projects are assessed to be meaningful work for the students and internship hosts alike, and allow students to meet all of the Learning Outcomes of the course.

Where will I work and what are the working hours?

You will be working in the organisation’s office or on campus. This is organised through direct discussion with the internship host. Work hours are determined through direct discussion with the internship host and based on the intern’s availability and other academic studies. Student interns are not allowed to use the Internship as a reason to miss lectures and/or tutorials for other courses.

How many hours will I need to commit?

Students commit 120 hours (12 hours per week over 10 weeks). An intern’s placement schedule will be determined through direct discussion with the internship host and based on their intern’s availability. Interns may wish to utilise the mid-semester break to work extra hours, with agreement with the internship host.

Am I paid for internships?

Interns may be offered an internship stipend award valued at $500 or more, subject to contributions from their internship host.

Do citizenship requirements apply?

Australian citizenship is not required for the program. However, Australian citizenship may be required for a small number of internship projects. Please read the job descriptions of the internships, carefully.

What are the academic assessments?

The CBE Internship Program is a University Course and students will receive a grade for it. The assessment items include:

  • Attendance of compulsory Academic workshops
  • Meetings with academic supervisor
  • Submission of a Project Scope Proposal
  • Presentation
  • Submission of a Final Reflection Report
  • Workplace performance review conducted by the workplace supervisor

How many course credit will I receive?

The internship course counts as a 6-unit course towards a CBE degree program.

Do Tution Fees apply?

Normal tuition fees for a 6-unit course applies.

How do I enrol in the course?

Students who are successful and have accepted an internship will be given a permission code to enrol into either CBEA3070 (Undergraduate) or CBEA6070 (Postgraduate) on ISIS.

Eligibility Requirements

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to apply for the CBE Internship program you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a current student enrolled in a program offered by the College of Business and Economics (CBE) at the time of applying and for the duration that the internship will be undertaken;
  2. Have a GPA of 5.0 or above;
  3. Have not failed a CBE course in the semester prior to applying;
  4. Have an available 6-unit CBE List 1 elective or ANU wide elective in your program;
  5. Have completed a minimum number of units requirement in your current study program by the time the internship will be undertaken
    • Undergraduate students must have completed 72 units including exemptions;
    • Postgraduate students must have completed 48 units including exemptions;
    • PhD students must have a written approval from the Associate Dean (HDR);
    • Honours students are not eligible to undertake an internship through this program;
    • Students enrolled in Master of Financial Management are not eligible to undertake an internship through this program;
    • Master students in the RSFAS must have written approval from their Program Conveners ;
  6. Have completed a CBE Internship Program Pre-Application Workshop

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, please do not submit an application.

How do I calculate my GPA?

Please follow the ANU guidelines on calculating the GPA.

Providing Evidence of Space in the Program

Please seek advice from the CBE Student Services Team by emailing info.cbe@anu.edu.au, prior to applying for an internship.

Your email must include all of the following:

  • Explain that you would like to undertake the CBE Internship Program;
  • Outline your intended study plan, listing which majors, minors or specialisations that you would like to undertake;
  • State that you need to check how many List 1 or ANU wide electives you have available;
  • Provide details of other majors, minors, specialisations, and any other relevant information about your program.

The CBE Student Services will then advise on whether or not you have space in your program to undertake the Internship course, please allow up to a week for response. You will need to upload a screenshot of the confirmation email from CBE Student Services in your Internship application.

Attending the Pre-Application Workshop

Attendance at a Pre-Application workshop is compulsory in order to apply. The application system will not let you apply if you have not met this requirement.

Multiple Pre-Application workshops are offered between week 7 to week 12 of each semester. Register to attend a workshop through ANU CareerHub.

If you have completed a pre-application workshop in previous semesters, you do not need to attend again in order to apply.

How to Apply

Where can I find the Projects available?

Projects are advertised on ANU CareerHub.

Projects that are eligible to be undertaken for the Internship Program are titled “CBE Internship Program – Project title”. You will only be able to view the projects once the application rounds are open.

Where do I find the Application Form?

You can find the application form on your ANU CareerHub dashboard


What should I include in my application?

Your application should include:

    1. An updated CV;
    2. Evidence of space in program from the CBE Student Services Team;
    3. Complete the application form on ANU CareerHub which includes
      • Nomination of up to 3 internship Projects that you wish to apply;
      • Answer to the Selection Question for each nominated Project

I applied in previous Rounds/Semesters;can I put in another application in the following Rounds?

If you have been offered an internship in previous Rounds, no you cannot submit another application in following Rounds.

If you were unsuccessful in securing an internship in previous Rounds, you can put in another application in following Rounds.

I ran into technical issues,who do I contact?

Please email internship.cbe@anu.edu.auor phone 6125 9343 during business hours (weekdays, 9am to 5pm).

Self-sourced Internships

What are the key requirements for self-sourced internships?

Students can self-source their own internship project, subject to the following conditions:

  • The internship host must be based in Canberra
  • The internship project must be validated and approved by CBE and the ANU
  • The student must satisfy all other eligibility requirements as stated above.

Please contact internship.cbe@anu.edu.au to discuss your ideas for a self-sourced internship before committing to an arrangement with the host organisation. It is important that you do not commit to the Host employer until the nature of the internship has been discussed and approved by CBE.

If I self-source an internship and it is accepted by CBE, would I still pay tuition fees?

Yes. All students participating in the CBE internship program (including those with self-sourced positions) must enrol in CBEA3070 or CBEA6070. Therefore, standard tuition fees for a 6-unit or 12 unit course do apply.

Other Questions

I am not eligible to apply for an internship in the CBE internship program. What can I do?

You could also consider the ANIP program or undertaking other work integrated learning courses at ANU (i.e. those courses with practical/live projects).

Examples of other work integrated learning courses offered by CBE include:

  • CBEA3001 Special Industry Project
  • CBEA3002 Social Enterprise Experience
  • BUSI3024 International Marketing
  • FIN3009 Student Managed Fund
  • FIN3010 Student Managed Fund Extension
  • INF8202 Industry Research Project
  • MGMT8242 Business Growth Strategies
  • MMIB8001 Applied Topics in Business Studies 1
  • MMIB8002 Applied Topics in Business Studies 2
  • MKTG2001 Marketing Research
  • MKTG7035 Global Marketing

Refer to Programs and Courses for more information.

You can also complete the ANU+ Program and apply for various not-for-credit internship opportunities advertised on the ANU CareerHub website.

What is the difference between the CBE Internship and ANIP internships?

CBE internships are for students enrolled in an academic program at CBE.

The Australian National Internship Program (ANIP) is another opportunity for students to undertake an internship for credit. The ANIP program gives Australian and International undergraduate and postgraduate students an opportunity to work at the heart of Australian policy and politics. ANIP is the only university program that offers Australian Commonwealth Parliamentary Internships. The internships are research-orientated and are based in Canberra and a variety of locations in NSW. You can find more information about ANIP here.

I have more questions

If you have any further questions please contact internship.cbe@anu.edu.au


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