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The following list contains the shared printers available for use in the College. Please only add printers that you have access and authorisation to use within your Research School or department.

Adding a printer

To add a printer press the 'Windows Key' and the letter 'R' at the same time.

      Printer Ss

In the prompt type "\\CBE-Print\" and then the name of the printer (as listed below). Click OK to add the printer. eg. "\\CBE-Print\Room 2.01 CBE Front Office Printer" to add the CBE front office printer.

RSE printers

  • Room 1015 RSE Colour Photocopier
  • Room 1135 RSE Colour Photocopier
  • Room 2021 RSE Printer
  • Room 2021 RSE Colour Photocopier
  • Room 2078 RSE Colour Photocopier
  • Room 2105 RSE Printer
  • Room 2105 RSE Multifunction

RSFAS printers

  • Room 3.59 RSFAS Colour Photocopier
  • Room 3.59 RSFAS Photocopier
  • Room 4.49 RSFAS Colour Photocopier
  • Room 4.49 RSFAS Printer
  • Room 4.48 RSFAS Front Office Colour Printer

RSA printers

  • Room 2026 RSA Photocopier
  • Room 2037 RSA Front Office Photocopier
  • Room 3.32 RSA Photocopier

RSM printers

  • Room 1093 RSM Colour Photocopier
  • Room 1093 RSM B&W Photocopier
  • Room 1088 RSM Front Office Colour Printer

CBE printers

  • CBE Executive Photocopier
  • CBE Executive Assistant Printer
  • Room 2.39 CBE HR Printer
  • Room 2.49 CBE MDO Colour Photocopier
  • Room 2.30 CBE B&W Photocopier
  • Room 2.30 CBE Photocopier
  • Room 2.01 CBE Front Office Printer

Please Note: Links to offline printers can slow down various computer activities (e.g. opening documents). It is recommended that you remove each expired printer connection via 'Start Menu' -> 'Printers and Devices', then right-click on the desired printer(s) and select 'Delete'.

*Colour printers are set to black & white printing by default, in order to avoid unnecessary use of colour toner. Please check your settings before printing a colour document

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