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WHS Committee

Work Health Safety Committee


Professor Steven Roberts
Professor Steven Roberts (Chair)


Dr Andrew Hughes
Dr Andrew Hughes


Health and Safety Representative and Research School of Management Area Representative

 Tina Kao
Tina Kao

Health and Safety Representative and Research School of Economics Area Representative

Ms Patricia Dennis
Ms Patricia Dennis

Health and Safety Representative and Research School of Finance and Actuarial Studies Area Representative

 Grant Pearson
Grant Pearson

Health and Safety Representative and Research School of Accounting Area Representative

no photo available
Haynes Crossley

College Administration Area Representative

 Yana Potrebica
Yana Potrebica

General Manager

Mr Richard Farran
Mr Richard Farran

Human Resources Manager

no photo available
Brett Morrison

WHS and Infrastructure Manager

 Linda Parker
Linda Parker

Work Health Safety and Infrastructure

no photo available
Kerrie Lawrence

WHS Consultant

Mr Mikheal Meece
Mr Mikheal Meece

On extended leave until March 2020

Health and Safety Representative and College Administration Area Representative

ANU College of Business and Economics WHS Committee Charter

1       Purpose

The purpose of the ANU College of Business and Economics Workplace Health & Safety Committee (Committee), in co-operation with worker representation and senior management, is to provide oversight of the College’s WHS ensuring continuing suitability and system effectiveness.

2       Composition and Tenure

The Committee will include members of management and worker representatives, and shall consist of:

  • ex officio, Dean (or their nominee) who is the Chair;
  • ex officio, College General Manager (or their nominee);
  • WHS and Facilities Officer; and
  • One member elected by and from the College Administration area and each Research School (five in total)

*A Co-Chair will be elected from within the Committee and must be a worker representative.

Committee members representing the College Administration and Research Schools will be identified through a call for expressions of interest and nominations for Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs). These Committee members will be the HSRs for each local area on the Committee.  An election process will be held within the local area where there is more than one expression of interest or nomination. Where there are no expressions of interest or nominations received from a particular local area, the Chair may invite particular individuals from local areas to join the Committee.

Committee members will have a tenure length of two years with the exception of ex-officio members and the WHS and Facilities Officer who is a role based member of the Committee. Committee members may be asked if they wish to continue as a member of the Committee beyond the two year tenure.

Committee members who are required to relinquish or cease membership of the Committee early will be replaced through a nomination and/or call for expression of interest process as outlined above.

3       Roles and Responsibilities

The Committee’s responsibilities are to monitor, review and where appropriate make recommendations to the University WHS Committee with respect to:

  • The development of WHS plans, standards, rules and procedures relating to health and safety that are to be followed or complied with at the workplace;
  • The development and implementation of the College’s and University’s WHS strategies;
  • College-wide WHS issues and performance;
  • Performance of the WHS System;
  • Trending patterns of incidents and injuries;
  • The facilitation of cooperation between management and staff in the resolution of WHS issues.

Committee members also have the following operational responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings and where appropriate, communicate WHS matters to respective areas;
  • Review the College’s WHS performance, recommend improvement opportunities and ensure actions are taken;
  • Participate in the consultation process of changes to the University’s WHS policies, procedures and programs;
  • Complete WHS Committee member training;
  • Participate in at least one workplace inspection per year;
  • Promote a strong WHS culture.

In addition to the above, the responsibilities of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) are as follows:

  • Be available to workers to hear issues in relation to health and safety;
  • Represent workers on the Committee on WHS matters;
  • Complete HSR training;
  • Cease unsafe work in accordance with University procedure;
  • Issue Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) in accordance with University procedure;
  • Give notice for workplace entry in accordance with University procedure.

4        Voting and Resolution Process

All members of the Committee will be eligible to vote on College WHS matters that arise which are presented to the Committee for resolution. In order for a resolution to be passed, the minimum number of votes required is half of the attending Committee members. The Committee Chair has veto power to break voting ties should they occur.

The Chair may decide if a WHS matter should be referred to the University WHS Committee for resolution or if a Sub-committee should be established for advice on a particular matter. See section 5.3 below for more information on Sub-committees.

5       Reporting

The Committee will report quarterly to the CBE Executive Committee and University WHS Committee, on relevant matters pertaining to:

  • The implementation of WHS strategies, plans, policies, procedures and programs;
  • Outcomes of workplace inspections;
  • WHS incidents and corrective actions; and
  • Committee meetings held and outcomes against the annual objectives.

The Committee may report on any other matter to the CBE Executive Committee and University WHS Committee.

The Committee shall receive reports from each of its responsible sub-committees (where applicable), individuals implementing an action of the Committee and advisory groups quarterly.

6       Administrative Arrangements

6.1 Meetings and Planning

The Committee shall meet every three months or as required by the Chair on dates determined by the Chair.

The Chair is required to call an additional meeting if asked to do so by at least half of the Committee members.

A forward meeting plan, including meeting dates, location and agenda items, will be agreed by the Committee each year. The forward meeting plan will cover all of its responsibilities, as detailed in this Charter.

6.2 Attendance at Meetings and Quorums

A quorum shall consist of a minimum five Committee members, of which at least three must be HSRs.

Representatives from Specialist Advisory Groups may, when invited, attend Committee meetings and contribute to its deliberations.

The Chair of the Committee may request any other ANU employee and/or external party to attend Committee meetings or participate in certain agenda items.

Any staff member of the College may request permission from the Chair to attend a Committee meeting.

6.3 Formation of Sub-committees

A sub-committee is formed to give advice on a specific task or hazard. The Chair shall determine the size and membership and duration of the sub-committee. The Chair shall determine if a charter is required and the content of that charter (if any).

6.4 Secretariat

The Work Environment Group will provide secretariat support to the Committee.

The Secretariat will ensure the agenda and supporting papers for each meeting are circulated, after approval from the Chair and at least 5 days before the meeting.

The Chair may structure the agenda to suit the needs of the Committee as long as it meets the minimum requirements of the Committee.

Meeting and Minutes






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 WHS Minutes Mar 2019

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 WHS Minutes Sep 2019

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 WHS Minutes Dec 2019





 5 March

 WHS Minutes Mar 2018

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 WHS Minutes June 2018

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WHS Minutes Feb 2017

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WHS Minutes Oct 2017

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