Booking and Using CBE Behavioural Lab

Overall Process to Conduct Experiments in CBE Behavioural Lab

All academic staff and research students interested in using CBE Behavioural Lab to conduct experiments must fulfil the following pre-requisites and follow the process given in Figure 1 below;

Please ensure that:

  • ethical approval for the study has been obtained
  • participants have been recruited

After the pre-requisites have been fulfilled, please follow the process given below to use the lab for experiments;

Process to conduct experiements
This is the title of my caption Figure 1: Overall Process to Conduct Experiments in CBE Behavioural Labs

Guidelines for Using CBE Behavioural Lab

Recruitment and management of the participants as well as payments to them are researcher’s responsibility

Ethical approval for the study

  • Any study that involves human subjects needs ethical approval
  • To obtain ethical approval, please visit the following web page;
  • Ethical approval must be obtained prior to the usage of labs for research studies

Before booking a lab

  • The researcher should contact the Lab Manager to ensure that the required hardware and software are organized and tested
  • If a researcher wants to use software or hardware that is not with the CBE Behavioural Lab, the Lab Manager should be contacted in advance, who would then direct the researcher to relevant IT expert
  • The Lab Manager must ensure that the number of subjects per session does not exceed the capacity of the relevant lab
  • The researcher must specify exactly which lab and equipment would be needed upon making a booking request via email to the Lab Manager
  • A notice of at least three business days is required prior to any booking
  • Any researcher interested in using the labs must attend “General Orientation Session” prior to making booking of the lab
  • Any researcher interested in using advanced-equipment room for research must receive training prior to making any booking
  • To reserve study times at the labs, researchers are to look at the “Lab Calendar” to view vacancies  and then email the Lab Manager to reserve the time slots for them

Booking, cancelling or changing time for a lab session

  • Bookings can be made four weeks in advance of the first session
  • Any researcher who wants to cancel (or change time for) a session must email the Lab Manager at least three business days' notice of changes, or cancellations.
  • A researcher may reserve the Lab for no more than 10 hours per week or 40 hours per semester. However if the lab is available, a request can be made to the Lab Manager to use the Lab for more than the hours previously reserved for that specific week.

Privacy policy

  • All paper-based data collected by the researcher (e.g., personally-identifying data, forms etc) is the responsibility of the researcher conducting study and should be removed from the lab after each session
  • All digital data stored on B-Labs' computers should also be removed by the researcher after the completion of each study
  • All data privacy and security rules of The Australian National University must be followed by the researcher and no private data should be left in the lab.


  • It is the responsibility of the researcher that he/she follows all the licence related obligations of the used software. For example, if zTree experiment software is used, the researchers must cite the following article in their paper: Urs Fischbacher (2007): z-Tree: Zurich Toolbox for Ready-made Economic Experiments, Experimental Economics 10(2), 171-178. E.g., write "The experiment was programmed and conducted with the software z-Tree (Fischbacher 2007).

Lab Access

  • Upon booking confirmation, the researcher will be issued a visitor pass (a temporary one) for the duration of the study to access the lab. Researcher must bring ANU staff or student card before the session starts for the issuance of the visitor pass for the lab. 
  • For every study session, time slots of half an hour are spared before and after the session's actual time. It is the responsibility of the researcher that he/she arrives at the lab early (maximum half an hour before the session start time) to make the necessary preparation and leaves within half an hour after the session' completion so that lab can be used by other researchers. However if a researcher requires more time for set up and close out, an explicit request must be made in the reservation email to the Lab Manager.

In the Lab

  • No food or hot drinks are allowed in the labs, water is fine though.
  • In case of any problem with the software or hardware, please contact the Lab Manager. Also, if any software or hardware not working, please inform the Lab Manager about this so that it can be fixed immediately.
  • It is the researcher's responsibility that any materials brought by the researcher and participants should be removed after the completion of the session.
  • Lab computers are not for personal use. The researcher using the lab should convey this to the participants.
  • Space is provided under the “CBE Behavioural Lab” sign outside the door for you to post the signs for your study. Please note no printed posters are allowed to paste on the doors or walls.
  • The lab must not be left unattended for any reason.
  • The lab must be locked at all times when unattended.
  • The researcher must not leave subjects unattended.

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