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Pathway students

Pathways students are those who intend to progress to a Master's program by first completing a Graduate Certificate first. Often international students with packaged offers use this option.

There are six steps to to assist you in getting into the Pathways program.

1. Important things to remember

You must:

  • Satisfy the conditions stated on your conditional offer letter for the Masters program.
  • Complete the correct courses for your Graduate Certificate program.  Check out the Programs and Courses website.

For Graduate Studies Select students enrolled in a Graduate Certificate of Studies, the GSS pathway page has information about which courses you should be enrolled in.

2. Start planning now

Start thinking early about your options in case you don't get the required average. Don't leave it until the end of the semester when results are released.

Monitor your grades so far

If you have failed or just passed any assessment items this semester, this may make it very difficult for you to achieve the required average.

Changing programs

If you decide to change programs, you need to email international.admissions@anu.edu.au clearly outlining your request. Please include your ANU ID number and send the email from your ANU email account.

Australia Awards students

If you are studying at ANU on a DFAT Australia Award, you need to email the Australia Awards Liaison Office at australiaawards@anu.edu.au before you decide to change programs.

Students on other sponsorships

If you are studying at ANU on any other sponsorship arrangement, you need to check with your sponsor before you decide to change programs. You can email the ANU Sponsored Students Office at global.sponsors@anu.edu.au for advice.

3. What if you do get the required average?

If you have achieved the required average, the International Admissions Team will issue you an unconditional offer letter for the Master’s program. 

You don’t need to apply for a transfer because you will already have an offer to the Master’s program.

You will need to accept the unconditional offer.  After providing your acceptance to the International Admissions Team, you will be able to enrol into your Master’s courses for the next semester.  Check out the Programs and Courses page for your Master’s program to see which courses you need to enrol into.

If you need help working out which courses you need to take, email CBE Student Services at info.cbe@anu.edu.au.

4. What if you don’t get the required average?

If you have not achieved the required average, International Admissions not be able to issue an unconditional offer letter. You will not be able to enrol into the Master’s program. 

If you don't satisy the conditions in your offer letter, you have a few options to consider:

Change your Master’s program

  • Find another program with lower admission requirements on the Programs and Courses website. You’ll need to satisfy the admission requirement for the new program.
  • If the new program is not directly related to the courses you’ve already completed, you may not receive any credits or exemptions for those courses. This will mean that you will have to study for a longer duration at ANU.
  • Important: You need to look carefully at the courses listed under the new program and see if you have done any of them already.

Change to a Master of Studies program

You will:

  • need to satisfy the admission requirement for the Master of Studies program. The GSS Advisor will assess your undergraduate degree, and can provide further information. 
  • look at the GSS pathways for details.
  • Important: You will be able to take further CBE courses if you get into the Master of Studies, but you will not be able to graduate with a CBE Master’s program.

Change to a different university

If your average is very low and you can’t find another Master’s program at ANU, you should consider changing universities.

Start researching universities and options early to give yourself the best possible chance. If you have to take this option, please contact the Academic Standards and Quality Office as soon as possible either via email policy.regs@anu.edu.au or phone: 6125 1436. 

5. What can you do to make sure you get the required average?

Here are some suggestions to help you focus on your studies and achieve the required average:

Speak with your lecturer/tutor

Your lecturer/tutor will be able to give you extra help. Ask them questions if you don’t understand something completely. Remember, they will not be able to give you answers and help you if you haven’t tried to understand the content yourself first.

Form a study group

You can make friends with students in your course or tutorials to form a study group.  There may be parts of the course that you understand and other parts that your friends understand. Use your strengths to learn from each other.

Remember, academic integrity is taken very seriously at ANU.  You are encouraged to learn from each other but your work must be original and authentic. Check out the Academic honesty & plagiarism page for great tips on how to make sure that you do not breach academic integrity rules.

Make use of the Academic Skills and Learning Centre (ASLC)

The ASLC is a great resource available especially for students to help you develop the skills and strategies to be successful in your studies at ANU and beyond. As well as appointments to help with assignments they also offer help with:

More information

If you have read through all of the above information but still need assistance, please send us an email info.cbe@anu.edu.au as soon as possible so we can help you work out your options. Leaving your questions to the end of the semester after results are released, may be too late for you to work out all possible options.

Remember to include your:

  • ANU ID number
  • Situation details (for example, you may fail one or more courses)
  • Options that you have already considered in Step 2: Start planning now.

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