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University Rules, Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the policy library for ANU. These rules, policies and procedures have been translated into Mandarin are intended to support our ANU-Tsinghua students undertaking the Masters of Management. They set out the University’s position on particular academic, administrative and governance matters and detail the process or approach that staff, students and other members of our community need to follow.

欢迎来到澳大利亚国立大学方针政策文库。相关规章,政策和执行程序已提供相应中文简体译文以向就读澳国立-清华联合管理硕士项目的学生提供帮助和支持。 这里囊括了澳国立对特定学术,行政和管理体系问题的解读和立场,及员工,学生和其他国立社区的成员应遵循的相关流程的具体内容。

Academic Misconduct Rule 2015 学术不端相关规则 (2015年)

Appeals Rule 2018 年申诉规则

Assessment Rule 2016 年评估规则

Coursework Awards Rule 2019 年授课型文凭规则

Admissions Policy 政策:招生

Admissions Procedure 程序:招生

Class Summary Policy 政策:课堂摘要(自2019年起)

Class Summary Procedure 程序课堂摘要(自2019年起)

Code of Practice for Teaching and Learning 指导方针:教学实践守则

Credit Policy 政策:学分

Credit Procedure 程序:学分

Student Assessment (Coursework) Policy 政策:学生评估(授课型硕士)

Student Assessment (Coursework) Procedure 程序学生评估(授课型硕士)

Student Complaint Resolution Policy 政策:处理学生投诉

Student Complaint Resolution Procedure 程序:处理学生投诉

Student Refunds Policy 政策:学生退款

Student Refunds Procedure 程序:学生退款

Academic Statements Policy 政策:学术声明

Academic Statements Procedure 程序:学术声明

Discipline Rule 2018 年纪律规则

Disclosure of Information by Students with Disability or Illness Policy 程序:残障或患病学生的信息披露

Disclosure of Information by Students with Disability or Illness Procedure 政策:残障或患病学生的信息披露

Fees Rule 2017 年费用规则

Glossary: Student Policies and Procedures 政策:术语表 - 学生相关政策及程序

Late withdrawal Policy 政策:逾期退课

Late withdrawal Procedure 程序:逾期退课

Nomenclature and Post-Nominal Policy 政策:命名法和勋衔

Professional and Short Courses Policy 政策:专业和短期课程

Professional and Short Courses Procedure 程序:专业和短期课程

Rescinding and Surrendering of Awards Policy 政策:撤销和放弃文凭

Rescinding and Surrendering of Awards Procedure 程序:撤销和放弃文凭

Student Surveys and Evaluations Policy 程序:学生调查和评估

Student Surveys and Evaluations Procedure 政策:学生调查和评估

Teaching in Languages Other than English Policy 程序:用非英语语言进行的教学

Teaching in Languages Other than English Procedure 政策:用非英语语言进行的教学

Transnational Education Partnerships (coursework) Policy 政策:跨国教育伙伴关系(授课型项目)

Transnational Education Partnerships (coursework) Procedure 程序:跨国教育伙伴关系(授课型项目)

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