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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I get my timetable?

What room is my class in?

I have a timetable clash

Assignments and examinations

Where do I submit my assignment?

I need a cover sheet for my assignment

Where do I view my exam paper?

I need to apply for deferred examination or special consideration - which one should I apply for?

I have two exams on the same day

What will happen if I fail courses?

Degree plans and enrolment

I'm not sure what courses to take

How do I drop or add a course if I can't do it online in ISIS?

I need permission to take a course - how do I get that?

I'm graduating at the end of the year - and I need to make sure that I'm doing the right courses in order to graduate? 

I need to change degrees…how do I do that?

I need to take a fifth course this semester - how do I do that?

I want to study somewhere else next semester

I need to apply for leave from my studies

I need waiver of the prerequisite of a course

What will happen if I fail courses? 

I need to transfer my summer school courses

I need to get an exemption

I want to go on exchange

Professional recognition

What are the requirements for CPA or another professional body?


How much does this course cost?

I want to apply for a scholarship - but I'm not sure which one to apply to?

Are fees going up next semester?

Official documents

I need to extend my student visa

How do I get a transcript?

I need an enrolment confirmation letter

New degrees

I'm from another University and I want to apply to ANU

My friend is studying overseas and wants to apply to ANU

How can I apply to honours?

What is the deadline for applications for a new program?

Where do I find information on PhD programs at CBE?

Do majors, minors, or specialisations appear on my transcript and degree certificate?

Majors, minors, and specialisations do not appear on the degree certificate (testamur). They only appear on the official academic transcript. For Master of Business and Master of Commerce students, all specialisations are unofficial, which means specialisations will not appear on the academic transcript.

Are there award levels in my Masters degree?

There are three award levels in the Masters degree, which are

  • Pass Level: the overall average is below 70%, not including 70%
  • Merit  Level: the overall average is 70% or more with no fails
  • Distinction Level: the overall average is 80% or more with no fails


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