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Alumni Hall of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame

We recognise your success

The CBE Alumni Hall of Fame Awards recognise the achievements of our alumni. Held every two years, the awards are an opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of our alumni who have made significant societal impacts.

In 2019, we announced recipients in two categories:

»    Distinguished Alumni award 

This award is the most prestigious award by the College to a member of the CBE alumni community. Nominees for this category must be recognised as alumni of CBE, have completed a postgraduate or undergraduate degree at the University and demonstrated significant contributions and support to developing the College and its future students.

»    Young Alumni award 

This award is presented to an outstanding individual 35 years of age or younger (born in 1984 or later). Nominees for this category must be recognised as alumni of CBE and have completed a postgraduate or undergraduate degree at the University. He/she must be actively engaged with CBE alumni and demonstrates continued support to the College and its future students.

Please forward any enquiries to alumni.cbe@anu.edu.au

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Ms Winnie Chua

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies 2009

My life goal is to utilise both my professional and personal/artistic skill sets in a purposeful manner. I truly believe that grit and passion are key to overcoming any challenge, and in the concept of paying it forward. My career objective is to succeed in an environment that stretches my potential and promotes continuous growth and development, thus allowing me to create value to the organisation and more crucially to enrich lives in the wider community.

Ms Gemma Preston

Bachelor of Commerce 2006

Just because you haven’t done it before, doesn’t mean you can’t. Anything is possible with the right mindset, courage, determination and a willingness to learn. This means your path won’t always be comfortable, but feeling uncomfortable shows that you are learning, growing and always challenging yourself to be better. So, get comfortable being uncomfortable! Go the extra mile.


Dr Steven Kennedy PSM

PhD in Economics 2002, Master of Economics 1997

“The questions are always more important than the answers.”
— Sir Ernest Shackleton

Mr John McNiven

Mr John McNiven

Bachelor of Laws 1982, Bachelor of Economics (Honours) 1980

Integrity – this goes without saying!
Passion – be fully engaged and totally committed.
Determination – never be put off by the naysayers! Do your homework, determine your result and don’t stop until you get the result.
Innovation and Problem Solving – rather than selling a product, understand the client and any market shortcomings, and provide a solution. It’s much more rewarding and much more effective.
Team – it’s critical to build and be part of an effective team where everyone knows their role and each member is valued.

Ms Rhonda L. Ryan

Bachelor of Economics 1990, Bachelor of Asian Studies 1990

First and foremost, look after your clients and your team.
Take advantage of every opportunity offered and step up to do whatever is required.

Dr John C. Mitchell OAM

Honorary Doctor of the University 2017, Bachelor of Arts 1982

Do your best. Go the extra mile. The only place success comes before work, is S before W in the dictionary.

Dr Heather Smith PSM

PhD in Economics 1994, Master of Economics 1990

All through my career I’ve had a philosophy of looking outward for ideas and collaborating across boundaries to make change, and achieve impact. I strongly believe in the importance of investing in institutions to ensure they are better when I depart. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace because we are all the better for it.

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Harriet Elvin

Graduate Diploma of International Law 1986, Master of Business Administration 1997, Graduate Diploma of Art History 2006

For me, fulfilment in my career means aligning my professional work with my personal values and interests. The time we devote to our careers occupies so much of our lives that I believe we should spend it pursuing those things we hold most dear.

Amanda Harkness

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1978, Bachelor of Laws (Hons) 1981

Strive to make the complex simple. Dig deep to find the real concerns of all stakeholders, and identify the common ground on which to build outcomes that mean many can share in the achievement. Always enjoy what you do and look for opportunities to renew.

Alastair Holberton

Bachelor of Economics 1970

Originate the idea, solve the problems, manage the people, quality is everything. Give trust, honour obligations, work to peoples’ strengths while understanding their weakness... There is little which cannot be achieved.

Greg MacLeod

Bachelor of Economics 1982, Bachelor of Laws 1985

A key part of corporate restructuring is providing calm where others have lost their heads. Analysis is necessary but in a fast moving situation, critical decisions must be made correctly often with incomplete information.

Jesse T H Chang

Bachelor of Economics 1977, Bachelor of Laws 1980

Dedication and hard work will overcome your shortcomings and, in turn, generate happiness!

Naomi Flutter

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) 1995, Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1995, Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice 1996

This world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.

— Robert F Kennedy

Simon Grant

Bachelor of Science 1986, Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1986

The most important advice I received was from one of my ANU professors who told me to have confidence in my own judgement and to understand that for the most significant decisions you make, you should strive to be true to yourself rather than pander to the wishes and expectations of others.

George J. Mailath

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1980

As an academic, my aim is to work on research that is both significant and intellectually stimulating. Significant research advances economics as a science; there are important open questions, and as a social science, economics affects peoples lives.  I also want my students to do the same, and so I constantly challenge them to do the best work that they can.

Arun Abey

Bachelor of Economics 1982, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 1982

Discover what you love doing, make sure it makes a difference to others and has soul, while achieving financial security for your family.

Ray Griggs

Master of Business Administration 2000

Take every opportunity but dont spend your life thinking about your next job - give the one you have now all you can.

Paul Koenig

Bachelor of Economics 1980, Bachelor of Laws 1980

Always put yourself in your client's shoes. Then do what is right, not just what is easy or convenient. Never over promise, always deliver 100%.

Alastair Walton

Bachelor of Economics 1979

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

— Calvin Coolidge

Glenys Anne Beauchamp

Bachelor of Economics 1977

I encourage people to jump in the deep end - it's a great way to learn and think about what you can offer both the job and those you work with.

Christopher Paul De Cure

Bachelor of Economics 1979

Keep an open mind about the direction of your career. A degree can open doors but you should not let it shut others. If you are passionate about what you do, success will follow.

Christopher Findlay

Master of Economics 1977, PhD 1982

Working in international teams on questions about Australia and its region of the world is a rewarding way to make a difference.

Stuart Anthony Hamilton

Bachelor of Economics 1980

Try not to become a [person] of success but a [person] of value.

— Albert Einstein

Paul William Miller

Master of Economics 1978, PhD 1982

The proverb "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" is a great recipe for success.

Desmond Francis Nicholls

Master of Science 1965, PhD 1972

Enjoy what you do. Aim to make a contribution to society while maintaining an appropriate work-life balance.

Martin Lee Parkinson

Bachelor of Economics 1980

To paraphrase Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see".

Abul Rizvi

Bachelor of Economics 1979, Graduate Diploma 1982

John Anthony Ryan

Graduate Diploma of Economics 1979, Master of Economics 1981

Choose your travelling companions well and always look forward.

Alexander Somlyay

Bachelor of Economics 1975

In politics, people do not demand to get their own way, but they do demand the right to get a fair hearing.

Heather Margot Anderson

Graduate Diploma of Economics 1987

Dedication and attention to quality allows my work to have a positive impact on the practice of econometrics in Australia and abroad.

Meredith Ann Edwards

PhD 1983

I have pursued professional positions in academia and the public sector where I believed I could effect improvements in public policy and where my mind and heart were at one.

Geoffrey Charles Gorrie

Bachelor of Economics 1972, Bachelor of Arts 1975

Trust is a very effective strategic leadership tool. Using trust strategically repays you handsomely and it also allows your colleagues to ready themselves for new career opportunities. Education stimulates the ability to think and good policies come from good thinkers.

Gary Gray

Bachelor of Economics 1982

Do what you enjoy. It's what you will be best at. It's what will make you happy.

Nick Minchin

Bachelor of Economics 1975, Bachelor of Laws 1977

Have a strong sense of personal values and live by them; have a strong sense of your personal beliefs and be prepared to defend them.

Christopher John Richardson

Master of Economics 1985

Keep trying to make Australia and the world a better place.

Dennis John Trewin

Bachelor of Economics 1971

Good quality and trusted official statistics are essential to the effective functioning of Australia as a country.

Bruce Bonyhady

Bachelor of Economics 1981, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 1981

Act with integrity, take responsibility, look for challenges, work hard and make a difference. Contribute to better outcomes for people with disabilities and a civil society.

John A Bryant

Bachelor of Commerce 1987

What I have learned is that working as part of a team to solve a common problem provides more satisfaction than individual performance.

David Anthony Buckingham

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1972

Contribute to achievement of an open and equitable society where everyone achieves their potential and enjoys the peace that flows from acceptance of global responsibilities.

Anthony Geoffrey Hartnell

Bachelor of Economics 1965, Bachelor of Laws (Hons) 1971

Have a broad exposure to commercial life and do not let power (as in government) take over for its own sake. Have a defensible rationale for all actions.

Sheryle Ann Moon

Master of Management 2004

JRR Tolkien said "Little by little, one travels far." So it is with a career, doing the right things, the right way and at the right time will progress you to achieve your desired goals.

Alan John Oster

Master of Economics 1981

Know what you don't know. Be receptive to new ideas but assess them within a rigorous framework. Always ask what might have changed and why.

Mari Elka Pangestu

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1979, Master of Economics 1981

Leadership requires a belief in what is right, the courage to take risks and lead the way to achieve this belief. Leadership also requires humility to admit and correct mistakes, as well as to continuously seek inputs.

George Robert Snow

Bachelor of Economics 1967

Promote genuine real asset growth by the skilful use of capital, design, management and realistic leadership to the benefit of the private sector, government and the community.

Richard Deane Terrell

PhD 1970

I have enjoyed the opportunity to take on a variety of responsibilities within the Australian National University. Reduced ANU responsibilities have allowed a broader mix of educational activities and continuation of research interests.

Peter Achterstraat

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1977, Bachelor of Laws 1978, Bachelor of Commerce 1986

To be humble and live my Christian values.

David Christopher Chessell

Master of Economics 1972

Irrespective of your talents and application, your career will pose risks and uncertainties, sometimes with alarming frequency. In managing risk, draw on the most rigorous techniques available. In dealing with uncertainty, think about it, take a deep breath and back your own judgment.

Christopher Ian Higgins

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1963

As an economic advisor one can have a significant impact on the outside world. I take most satisfaction from employing my training to furthering the policy debate in Australia.

Stephen Peter King

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1985

Pursue excellence in economic policy either through research, commentary or direct input into the policy-making process.

Ngo Van Long

PhD 1975

My greatest interest is the search for knowledge. This is followed by spreading knowledge and preserving knowledge. It is a pleasure to be a mentor of young scholars, to encourage them to do research and publish the results of their research. In my teaching, I encourage students to ask questions and to think for themselves.

John Charles Quiggin

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 1978, Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1980, Master of Economics 1984

I believe that wise use of economics can make a positive difference to people's lives. In developing arguments about economic policy, I have tried to combine rigorous economic analysis with a commitment to fundamental values of freedom, equality and social justice.

Don Russell

Master of Economics 1972

Ideas and a certain boldness go well together.

Barbara Spencer

Bachelor of Economics 1967

Know what you love to do and keep persevering. Life circumstances may side-track you for a while, but if you continue to work on your ideas and make them accessible to others, your work will eventually be recognised.

Alan William Stretton

Master of Economics 1974, PhD 1978

To learn and contribute with passion. Enjoy working as part of a team.

Paul Alexander Binsted

Bachelor of Economics 1976, Bachelor of Laws 1977

My career is to help companies operate effectively. By doing this with integrity and goodwill I hope to help improve society for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

Peter John Boxall

Master of Economics 1973

My career has evolved. I have followed my intuition and have taken opportunities which appealed to me as intellectually stimulating with the capacity 'to make a difference.

David John Carland

Master of Economics 1974, PhD 1978

Be adaptable, do not accept the conventional view, take the riskier option and think like an economist - the world is a simultaneous system.

Paul Chan Tuck Hoong

PhD 1977

I focus all creative energy to help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education. I do this by making appropriate and affordable education available and accessible to them.

Bruce James Chapman

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1974

I have aimed to use my economics training as direct (and indirect) input into the development and application of economic policy. I believe that input of this kind has the capacity to change productively social and material circumstances.

Ian Ross Harper

Master of Economics 1979, PhD 1982

I have tried to mould my career according to my comparative advantage, viz, public speaking. This has led me into a range of academic and public policy advisory roles, as well as regular appearances on conference platforms and in the media. My advice to anyone starting out on a career is to identify then exploit one's comparative advantage as soon as possible and for as long as possible.

John Martin

Bachelor of Economics 1968

Pursue an outcome focus at all times. Develop strong internal and external networks. Emphasis on people management to ensure that the skills of all team members are fully utilised. Caution in applying theoretical approaches unless they have been market tested.

Robyn Gae McKay

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 1972, Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1984

Have a career plan, but be flexible. Take opportunities, especially in other governments, international organisations and community groups, even if the timing is not perfect. Think Laterally, making new connections between people and ideas. Above all do what you love doing, that seems worthy of your energies. The link between social and economic policy are complex, fascinating, and matter for economic growth, so I keep doing social policy.

James O'Neill

Graduate Diploma of Economics 1970

Treat others as you would expect to be treated in the same circumstance. Lateness for appointments or with promised delivery dates insults others. If you are wrong then it is your responsibility to admit it and take prompt and effective remedial action.

Paul Robert Paterson

Master of Economics 1974, PhD 1980

Always work hard, be focussed, seek new challenges, keep learning and maintain professional integrity - and one's career will look after itself.

John Cameron Tamblyn

Master of Economics 1972

Bring forward thinking, flexibility, consultation and analytical discipline to the development and delivery of public policy in times of continuous change.

Carol Austin

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1981

Maintaining an open mind and willingness to learn new things and new ways of thinking are critical to success in a rapidly changing world.

Gary Banks

Master of Economics 1974

Do what needs to be done, and do it as well as you can!

Marco Belgiorno-Zegna

Bachelor of Economics 1976

Geoffrey Francis Carmody

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1969, Master of Economics 1976

Contributing to good economic policy outcomes. Maintaining a reputation for vigorous, credible and independent economic advice. Being prepared to speak out fearlessly and, if necessary, publicly on policy matters. Preserve these traditions of the Westminster System as regards advice to government at a time when this seems to be under attack, if not decline.

Brian Cassidy

Master of Economics 1976

"Use your formal training and acquired skills to make a difference in society.

Malcolm Crompton

Bachelor of Science (Hons) 1974, Bachelor of Economics 1983

Be positive; be persistent; be flexible, look for connections and linkages between people, ideas and ways of thinking that others do not see; always retain healthy scepticism, especially about accepted ways of thinking, without becoming cynical.

Michael D'Ascenzo

Bachelor of Economics 1976, Bachelor of Laws 1978

Make a difference.

Jane Drake-Brockman

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1975

I didn't realise this early on, but I understand now that it's all up to you and only you, especially if you're a woman. Don't expect anyone to pick you out from the crowd or nurture you along. Be confident in your own ability and responsible for your own views. Of course you have to feed you family, but otherwise do what you love doing. I'm passionate about trade policy… so that's what I am doing…

Warwick Robert Grigor

Bachelor of Economics 1981, Bachelor of Laws 1985

Whatever job are given to do, make sure you do it to the best of your ability, and look for ways to do it better. In choosing a career path, choose one for which you have a passion. You will never excel if you can't fire your passion.

Margaret Kelly

Master of Economics 1970

Take charge of your own career, be ready to adapt to change and believe in yourself. Have fun along the way!

John Kerin

Bachelor of Economics 1978

Analyse, read, work, think creatively, always think beyond the immediate by standing back and taking on board the views of others.

Donald Skene Larkin

Bachelor of Economics 1966

Perseverance, attitude and passion are the keys to success.

André Morony

Master of Economics 1974

Enjoy the early years of your career by keeping a balance between work and leisure. Don't spend too much time focusing on your next career move…it will come if you focus on doing your current job well.

Brian Powell

Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1981

Commitment to probity, quality management, public service, national development and defence.

William Shields

Master of Economics 1973

To apply my economic and financial skills to better understand issuesand seek solutions to problems which are both efficient and equitable.

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