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Staff directory

Dr Hamish Simmonds

Dr Hamish Simmonds

Research School of Management

Email: hamish.simmonds@anu.edu.au

Research areas

  • Application of a cross-disciplinary ecosystem lens to digital transformation programs in public and private settings. Working towards understanding and defining mechanisms of sociotechnical transitions and alignment between organisational factors (goals, processes, and resources), institutional factors (laws and regulations), new technologies, and interactions and forms of collaboration with the technology and services market. 

  • Examining public-private organisational networks shaping of ICT infrastructure and digital services market - addressing the use of digital marketplaces for cloud services in Government.


Hamish Simmonds is a Lecturer in the Research School of Management at the ANU. Prior to commencing at ANU, Hamish was an internal consultant for an international logistics provider after completing his PhD at Victoria University of Wellington. His research appears in a number of academic journals and is currently focused on the strategy, transformation and value creation of ecosystem models for business and social impact.

Hamish actively consults for public and private organisations in Australasia, focusing on their long-term strategy and transformation projects with a core interest in efforts to shape markets through ecosystem thinking.


Research publications

  • Simmonds, H. & Gazley, A. (2020).Impact value and sustainable, well-being centred service systems. European Journal of Marketing, Forthcoming

  • Renton, M. & Simmonds, H. (2019). Effectuation and Morphogenesis in the New Zealand Fairtrade Marketing System. Journal of Macromarketing, 39 (4), pp. 385-399.
  • Simmonds, H. & Gazley, A. (2018). Service Ecotones: The complex boundary zones of service (eco) systems. Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 28 (3), pp.384-404.
  • Simmonds, H., Gazley, A. & Daellenbach, K. (2018). Theorising Change and Stability in Service Ecosystems: A morphogenetic approach. Service Industries Journal, 38 (3-4), pp. 250-263
  • Simmonds, H. (2018). Enabling the marketing systems orientation: Re-establishing the ontic necessity of relations. Kybernetes, 47 (10), pp. 1992-2011.
  • Simmonds, H. & Gazley, A. (2018). Marketing Systems: Critical Realist interventions towards better theorising. Journal of Critical Realism, 17(2), pp. 140-159.
  • Gazley, A. & Simmonds, H. (2018). When service providers fail: outsourcing help and consumer attitudes. Journal of Business Strategy, 39(5), pp. 22-30.
  • Simmonds, H. (2018). Emancipatory marketing and the emancipation of marketing research: A critical realist interpretation. Journal of Critical Realism, 17(5), pp. 466-491
  • Renton, M. & Simmonds, H. (2017). "Like is a verb: exploring tie strength and casual brand use effects on brand attitudes and consumer online goal achievement." Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26(4), pp.365-374.


Conference Proceedings

  • Simmonds, H., Gazley, A., Hooper, V. & Renton, M. (2018). Mechanisms of Morphogenesis in Service Ecosystems: Compression. ANZMAC, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy, Adelaide, Australia: The University of Adelaide
  • Simmonds, H., Renton, M., Hooper, V. & Gazley, A. (2018). Co-evolution in Service Systems: Modes of Coexistence. ANZMAC, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy, Adelaide, Australia: The University of Adelaide.
  • Simmonds, H. (2018). Towards a Bhaskarian Metatheory for Marketing Systems. Annual Conference of the Macromarketing Society, Leipzig, Germany.
  • Renton, M. & Simmonds, H. (2018). A Fairer World? A story of influence, adaptation and change in the NZ Specialty Coffee Ecosystem. Global Research Symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Boston, MA, USA.
  • Wilson, C., Gazley, A., & Simmonds, H. (2018). The Application of Protection Motivation Theory in the Context of Genetically Modified Foods. Annual Conference of the Macromarketing Society, Leipzig, Germany.
  • Simmonds, H. & Gazley, A. (2017). Ecotones: The complex transitional zones of service (eco) systems. In Gummesson, E., Mele, C., Polese, F. (Eds.), 5th Naples Forum on Service, Sorrento, Italy.
  • Simmonds, H. & Gazley, A. (2017). Value-In-Impact: Towards sustainable service. In 15th International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management Proceedings, pp 889-898.
  • Gazley, A. & Simmonds, H. (2017). The effect of outsourcing and off-shoring service recovery on brand loyalty.15th International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management Proceedings, pp. 729-736


Research grants and awards

CI - Faculty Research Grant at the American University of Sharjah

Project title: “The Effect of Outsourcing and Offshoring Service Recovery Processes”

Value: $10,000AUD


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