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Our values and behaviours

CBE has identified the values and behaviours that we stand for. Our values represent what we as a collective care about and are what we use to guide our behaviours; ensuring that we treat each other well and work together in the most effective way possible. The values and exemplars below are intended to serve as a reference point for desirable behaviour in our college.

Our Values and Behaviours does not replace the ANU Code of Conduct, rather it is designed to build on the Code of Conduct, to illustrate the type of work environment staff want to experience and provide a tool for maintaining a positive workplace culture.


We are committed to the pursuit of unrivalled quality in everything we do. We push boundaries, adapt and take a long-term view. We will define excellence in our own terms.


We welcome constructive debate and build resilience as individuals and a team in order to improve. Differing opinions are a virtue and without them we will not progress or succeed.


We value the diverse individuals that make our work possible and treat each other with consideration and compassion. Our environment is free from personal judgement and discrimination.


We are committed to working with our colleagues within our College and across the University to achieve better outcomes. In delivering on this commitment, we are both
pro-active and accountable for the quality of the contribution we make.


We move forward united towards a shared vision of academic excellence.
Often this means we collaborate within and across Colleges, sometimes it means we are working solo.

  • Drive excellence and improvement from a foundation of continued learning and mastery of skills.
  • Be humble and curious — ask yourself ‘is it as good as it
    can be?’
  • Get comfortable taking risks. They’re a necessity when pushing boundaries in the pursuit of progress.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and failures and share these with others to allow the collective to learn.


  • Give feedback constructively and tactfully. Challenge and question the idea not the person.
  • Be graceful in the delivery and receipt of feedback.
  • Enter discussions with an open mind and always consider alternate perspectives.
  • Initially try to resolve differences with colleagues yourself.
  • Consider how you can change your behaviour to improve relationships.


  • Invite difference and diversity by seeking alternate views across Colleges and outside the University.
  • Appreciate that everyone has an important role to play in helping the College deliver on its collective goal.
  • Treat everyone with courtesy, empathy, respect and kindness.
  • Encourage others to express their opinions and actively listen without personal judgement.
  • Embrace and celebrate all areas of equity and diversity.


  • Invite input and involvement from others to improve their sense of ownership.
  • Support one another, share successes and failures and celebrate the achievements of those around you.
  • Be accountable for your actions and decisions, and consider if they are contributing to better outcomes for the College.
  • Build stronger relationships by finding ways to connect with others and creating regular, open lines of communication.


  • Remember that we are all ultimately here under a shared purpose, irrespective of our role, seniority or length of time at the University.
  • Use our shared vision to remain objective and find resolutions.
  • The inherent nature of our work means that we will work both autonomously and collaboratively – we need to respect the value of each.
  • Look out for the safety and overall wellbeing of yourself and others.


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Our behaviour in the workplace has a significant impact on the performance and wellbeing of others, and on the overall performance of the college. Our goal is to create a culture where all people feel positive, energised and excited about coming to work.

Who developed the Values and Behaviours?

Our Values and Behaviours was developed in 2019 by a working party consisting of academic and professional staff. Staff from each Research School and the College Administration were on the working party, which was chaired by our College Dean, Professor Steven Roberts. All college staff were consulted on Our Values and Behaviours with the Dean seeking feedback at school and college meetings and through the Research School Directors.

Our Values and Behaviours will be periodically reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.

How will the Values and Behaviours be used?

The CBE HR team is currently implementing Our Values and Behaviours so they link with our processes, including:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. New staff induction
  3. Training for managers
  4. Performance Development Review (PDR)
  5. Wellbeing events.

We value feedback from the college’s staff both on Our Values and Behaviours and how they are linked with HR processes. Please contact hr.cbe@anu.edu.au regarding any feedback.

Updated:   4 March 2020 / Responsible Officer:  CBE Communications and Outreach / Page Contact:  College Web Team