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Stacey Lin, Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, Bachelor of Statistics

Stacey Lin

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, Bachelor of Statistics

Stacey (Xi) is studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Bachelor of Statistics at ANU.

Why did you choose ANU?

I chose ANU for its excellence in research and teaching. What makes ANU special is also the academic atmosphere, which can deeply influence every student here to study and explore more academically.

Excellent academics are also a great treasure of ANU. Outstanding professors, researchers and even Nobel-Prize winners, they are there to assist your student, directly and indirectly. For students who want to pursue further study and so research in the future, ANU is undoubtedly the best choice.

What inspired you to choose your current program?

I am now studying a double-degree of actuarial studies and statistics at ANU. I really like maths and statistics. My childhood dream is to work in the United Nations, and I want to be a successful statistician in the future.

Studying statistics can make you wise by teaching you how to look into a large amount of data and make them tell you something. Also, studying statistics allows you to make scientific prediction about the future by studying the past.

When it comes to actuarial studies, the discipline teaches students to assess and manage risk in insurance, finance and other industries. It involves more uncertainty which I find challenging and fascinating. Actuarial studies gives you a way to calculate the probability of the occurrence of random incidents.

How would you describe your studies to someone not familiar with the discipline?

I like to illustrate the concept of actuarial studies with the metaphor of a ship in the ocean. The ship represents an entity (a small business, a large corporation, or even a nation) which is sailing in the ocean. The currents, tides and waves represent the economic environment - and the economists study these to forecast their impact on the entity. A ship also has sails or an engine to drive it forward, representing the financial part of an entity (the driving force to increase capital). And there is a captain and crew representing the management.

Notice anything missing? The life boats! The role of actuaries in the business world is just like life boats - they're there to prepare for unlikely, but possible, events or risks. People tend to underestimate the likelihood of risk but it can be the difference between life and death. Remember the famously 'unsinkable' Titanic? That's why I think actuarial studies is so very important.

And what about your experiences outside of the classroom?

ANU not just offers you academic opportunities, but plenty of extra-curriculum activities as well. For instance I'm a member of the universities AIESEC, AFEC and FINSOC student societies. Thanks to AIESEC I was given the chance to participate in a six week volunteer exchange program in the Czech Republic, working in a team with university students from 5 different countries. We cooperated with the local NGOs and presented cultural sessions about our countries to the local community.

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