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Min Kim, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Commerce

Min Kim

Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Commerce

Min is studying a combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics at ANU.

Tell us about your move to Australia.

I decided to study in Australia, because I believed that it would provide me with more opportunities. The size of the Australian economy is much bigger than New Zealand so there is likely to be more career opportunities. And there are only a limited number of universities in New Zealand and I wanted to experience a more unique university life. I wanted to challenge myself and I wanted a change.

My transition from Auckland to Canberra was surprisingly very smooth. Both Auckland and Canberra have beautiful and peaceful atmospheres, similar weather, as well as friendly people.

I found the Australian education system very similar to NZ and straight forward so I had no problem at all during my transition. Anyway, there were so many friendly students and staff at ANU who were willing to assist new students like me with almost anything so I had nothing to worry about.

Why did you choose ANU?

I believe that to be the best, you need to learn from the best. ANU students experience first-class education, provided by the most elite and world-class academic staff. It is a top-ranking university in Australia and one of the best universities in the world.

Some of the more obvious reasons why I was drawn to ANU include the high quality of teaching by world-renowned educators, the variety of programs and courses, and the student mobility programs with a range of universities across the globe.

But there was also its location in the heart of Canberra, and the fact that ANU has a relatively small campus and undergraduate population compared to other leading Australian universities. This means ANU can offer smaller classes and give each student more opportunities for one-on-one interaction with the educator. The location and size also fosters a close-knit student community, allowing me to form lasting friendships with students from all walks of life.

What are you currently studying?

I'm taking a double degree in Commerce and Economics. Prior to attending university, I loved interacting with people, and always wanted to study a field that involves a lot of interpersonal activities.

These two areas involve a lot of class discussions, group projects, and interaction with people. Plus there is such a wide range of career opportunities that exist in the business industry.

How would you describe your time at ANU so far?

The university has provided me with a very positive academic and social environment to learn and network. My experience at ANU so far has been stimulating, engaging, and transformational.

Firstly, ANU lectures and course material constantly present stimulating new ideas and research to its students. I may not agree with every piece of information, but I certainly agree that it has all played an integral part in my intellectual growth. I feel that ANU is unlike other universities in that it encourages students to question and critically analyse information, and not merely accept information at face value.

Secondly, life at ANU is engaging because it is never short of club/society/community events. Also, having lived in on-campus student residences since my first semester at ANU and having actively participated in clubs and societies, I am proud to say that my university and personal life has become inseparable.

And finally, life at ANU is transformational because I have had the privilege to be taught by educators and study alongside students from backgrounds very different to my own. My time so far at ANU has shaped me to become more understanding of differences in race, ethnicity, and appearance. It has also raised my awareness of differences in opinions and perspectives.

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