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Jacklyn Wyer, Photo via Jacklyn Wyer

Jacklyn Wyer, Photo via Jacklyn Wyer

From Turkish towels to the world of finance

9 January 2019

Jacklyn Wyer is studying Finance at ANU and has spent her life pursuing entrepreneurial goals and forging opportunities for herself along the way. She runs her own business selling hand-loomed Turkish towels (peshtemals), called Raven’s Landing, and continues to find new projects and collaborations that take her all around the globe.

“Raven’s Landing presented itself as an opportunity in September 2016 and I really jumped in the deep end with it. I took a risk and that risk paid off very fast and from there I learnt by doing, constantly expanding and developing the business. When your customers show such an appreciation for your product you know you are doing the right thing and providing a valuable service. Raven’s Landing is as much about supporting the producer as it is about taking care of the customers.”

“We only work directly with local ateliers where intense attention and detail is given to each step of the creation process. The art of handlooming is a unique cultural tradition in Turkey. Our belief is, we can honour and support this age old tradition by personally engaging with the artisans.”

A fearless woman

Jackie went to high school at Frensham, Mittagong, and was encouraged to be a fearless and capable woman. When she finished school, she packed up and moved to Monaco, where she was offered a job from an international businessman. In this capacity, she travelled the world and learnt incredible amounts from hands-on experience with his financial advisor, ultimately affecting her decision to study Finance at university.


“When I first started with him I asked why I should take this job over my education and he told me, ‘Jackie, I will give you a degree in life,’ and indeed he did. It was an invaluable experience and an education in itself. I encourage everybody to seek a degree in life.”

The struggle is real

Jackie’s journey has not been without its challenges. One of the key struggles she cites is the way women are still sexualised within business and the entrepreneurial scene. Jackie has been able to build her resilience and stand her ground as a result of her early exposure to working globally. The other challenge she has faced is one that all entrepreneurs are familiar with—cash.

“You need to spend money to make money. I truly believe that you have to be willing to go without, you have to be willing to lose or sacrifice everything to embark on this journey. It’s all about risk and reward, and sometimes the reward is just a lesson learnt, so you have to be willing to find value in that and not only in monetary payoff. That’s why having a business that makes some difference in the world or solves a real problem is great because in itself it is rewarding.”

No end in sight

Other than Raven’s Landing, Jackie has worked across many different areas, such as a crypto mining venture in Azerbaijan, which evolved into an AI and machine learning project, to supply remote access to computer power. Going forward, she wants to build on her success and use her experience to help others do the same.


“We live in a day and age where we can build the life we want to have now and we really are in charge of building that life – if you take charge of your decisions, choices and attitude then you can have the life that you wish. And I really have the life I want to have now.”

“What I hope for is to continue building businesses, working, developing but ultimately I am going to use all of this experience and knowledge one day to make a difference somewhere, somehow. There are so many people that have helped me in my life and inspired me and I hope I can do the same for others one day.”

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