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Prizes and Scholarships ceremony

Prizes and Scholarships ceremony

15 May 2018

For all of our students here tonight who are recipients of prizes and scholarships, this is a time for you to reflect and be proud of your academic achievements. The award that you receive tonight is a testament to your hard work and dedication to your studies.

The ANU College of Business and Economics attracts some of the finest students from across the globe. The awarding of the prizes and scholarships are an expression of our commitment to providing a world-class education to the best and brightest minds, and supporting them through to success with life changing scholarships.

At the annual prizes and scholarships ceremony, on Thursday 10 May, some of our exceptional and well deserved students were recognised. We congratulate the 150 scholarship recipients and the 50 award winners for their accomplishments.

Professor Steven Roberts, the interim dean at the College of Business and Economics congratulated the proud recipients, their family & friends with words of commendations.

“For all of our students here tonight who are recipients of prizes and scholarships, this is a time for you to reflect and be proud of your academic achievements. The award that you receive tonight is a testament to your hard work and dedication to your studies.”

Rhianna Hampton-de Vries, this years’ D Brownbill Family Scholarship recipient shared her experience with everyone at the event.

“Coming from a small town in Blue Mountains, my journey to ANU has been quite a climb. Receiving the D Brownbill scholarship has been an invaluable aid in regards to financial pressure. I am absolutely honoured to have received the award and to be attending the Australian National University in general. Scholarships like this really help make attending University an achievable goal and financially possible. I would like to say an enormous thank you to Mr Brownbill and everyone who has helped me get to where I am today.”

The college congratulates every student who has been awarded prize or scholarship this year, and wishes luck to them for their future endeavours.

Prize winners for semester 2 2017

Prize Name
Goldman Sachs J B Were Prize  Max Alston
Brian Brogan Prize for Indigenous Students  Karla Martin
A D Barton Prize  Dongyue Wang 
CPA Australia Prize for First Year Accounting  Yunfan Bi 
CPA Australia Prize for Second Year Accounting  Muhammad Khairul Anas Bin Khalid 
CPA Australia Prize for the Accounting Major  Xinlan Shi
Ernst and Young Prize for Auditing  Xinlan Shi
PWC Prize for Accounting Processes and Systems  Vernon Mah 
PWC Prize for Management Accounting  Dongjun Xu 
CAANZ Auditing and Assurance Services Prize Yunxian Hu 
Qingyang He 
Siqi Zhong 
APRA Prize for Business Ethics  Sonali Navanjana Fernando
Management Services AG Prize for Corporate Strategy  Md Faizal Mahmud
Oleksandr Zinovyev Prize » Brandon James Zubek
Pauline Griffin Prize for Organisational Behaviour  Boyan Taseski
Sir Roland Wilson Prize  Qi Fan
Benjamin Plummer
Shaw Vineyard Estate Prize in Global Marketing Jiahe Wu 
Yihui Melinda Low 
Invest Canberra Prize Henry van Laeren
Ho Yuen Wong 
Madeleine Anne Silvester
Vishakha Nogaja
Shaw Vineyard Estate Prize in International Marketing  Keely Mitchell
Statistical Society of Australia (Canberra Branch) Bachelor of Statistics Prize  Jinn-Yih Chua
Statistical Society of Australia (Canberra Branch) Prize for Master of Statistics  Juyan Zhang 
AMP Prize for Honours Thesis in Actuarial Studies  Dongqing Li 
Swiss Re Life & Health Prize for Actuarial Studies  Jinn-Yih Chua 
Applied Probability Trust Prize  Anyue Lang 
Chris Higgins Prize  Alexander Beames
Dana Roberts
Economic Society Prize for Economics II Honours  Shiqi Li
Economic Society Prize for Economics IV Honours  Matthew Jacob
Max Alston
Mathews Graduate Diploma Prize for Economics & Public Economic Policy  Oliver Young 
Productivity Commission Prize for the Master of Economics  Dana Roberts
CBE Prize for First Year Economics Anthony Ricci
ActewAGL Accounting Theory Prize Haoyan Chen

Scholarship recipients for 2018

Scholarship Name
RSFAS B Fin Econ & Stat (Hons) Khurshed Kayumars Mehta
CBE Terrell (2 semesters) Khurshed Kayumars Mehta
CBE PG Merit Catherine Perry
CBE International UG Simran Singh
CBE International PG

Soumyadeep Sengupta

Xueying Wang

Tianjian Zhu

Dingyan Lei

Aditi Verma

RSE Neil Vousden Memorial Scholarship

Michael Lane

Xiaolong Zhang

RSFAS Pre-Masters Scholarship

Jingmin Hu

Yueheng Wu

Xi Lin

Fangyi Hu

Xinying An

Jie Chen

Yan Chen

RSFAS Foundations Scholarship

Xutong Yan

Yijun Chen

Boda Huang

RSFAS National University of Singapore Travel Scholarship

Sylvia Shan

Victor Zhong

RSFAS Honours S2

Sarah Sopariwala

Xiaoyang Xu

RSFAS Master of Financial Economics James Petchey
RSA Honours S2 Yangfan Zhang
CBE India Excellence

Harsh Nilesh Thakkar

Akash Gupta

Neel Gala

Sushmitha Kasturi

Eeshwar Rupakula

Surbhi Shekhar

Nikita Ramachandran

Aishwarya Taskar

Shrirang David

Surbhi Arora

CBE International Merit for Foundation Studies (1 semester) Nigel Lopez
Dixon-Walsh Scholarship Harrison Beer
Bhavita Patel Scholarship Melora Stokes
D Brownbill Scholarship Rhianna Hampton De Vries
Mitchell Scholarship Meimei Rosie Happ

Joseph Andrew Zeller

Julian Widdup

Emily White

Skye Van De Werken

Ezio Senatore

Jamil Sawda

Yan Rong

Zhengjing Bliss Qu

Liam Pearmain

Roland Padilla

Seungjun Oh

Grant Nay

Benjamin Mitchell

Chung Chung Phoebe Li

Andrew Koc-McDonald

Naga Kadirvelu

Li Na Charlotte Hung

Jennifer Hood

Liam Hansen

Robert Gascoigne

Romero Filho

Stephen Bowman

Andrew Allwood

CBE International UG  Chris Chong Hau Ong
CBE International Award

Jia Yong Chong

Wing Ki Lee

CBE PG Merit

Natalie Williams
Ellen Kowald
Liam Drummond-Clark
Samuel O'Brien
Joshua Elston
John Masters
Gordon Parmenter
Melissa Hinson
Aidan Wood
Shonal Dutt
Pia Cashel
Ismail Abdulla
David Wallace
Monique McLean

CBE International PG

Alisa Doronina
Bianda Safira
Kaalaivaani Narayanan
Qi Shi
Snehal Silla
Surabhi Agawal

CBE International Merit for Foundation Studies (1 semester) Fengjun Hu
CBE Relocation Grant

Hayden Alchin
Matthew Armstrong
Nadia Jutha
Caroline Ding
Niam Foxcroft
Chadwick Wanschers
Isobel Klein
Jack Binstadt
Michael Yang
Matthew McCann

CBE Terrell (2 semesters) Sandeep Seneviratne
CBE UG Merit

Athanasios Dogoritis
Charlotte Reid
Zoe Huang
Anneke Watson
Andrew Noore
Jordan Kelly
Daniel Du
Jacqueline Murtagh
Matthew Armstrong
Dan Watson
Matthew Robinson
John Fitzgerald
Rahul Chadha
Chunlin Chen
Tyson Lamarra
Adam Seselja
Seve de Campo
Maxine Rennie
Zachary Taylor
Michael Yang


James Laurence

Yunyu Pan

Angela Parnell

CBE India Excellence

Megham Verma
Sanjana Waglay
Priyaam Bose
Jennifer Deori
Sanaya Mehra
Tanya Gautam
Venkateshwara Rao Nuthakki
Nimisha Nanda Ulliyada
Yash Munot
Bhanu Prasad Konakandlla

CBE Honours

Sihui Ong

Toan Vo Khanh Le

Haoyan Chen

Jinn Yih (Nelson) Chua

RSM Honours Shuojia Zhang
RSE Bob Gregory Ming Haw Wong
RSE Neil Vousden S1 Zeming Wang
RSFAS Honours S1

Kaining Zhao

Cameron Morris

Jiyue (Lumia) Ma

Chieh-Yu Wu

Frederick Yinka-Kehinde

Michael Wijnen

Rui Cheng

RSM Honours Clodagh O'Doherty
RSA India Merit Ridhima Anand

Bevan Christopher Rossjohn

Xiaowei Zhou

Hee Jin Park

Jeremy Emrose

RSFAS Master of Financial Economics

Jingchao Wang

Zongru Wu

RSFAS Foundations Scholarship

Liqi Yu
Yichen Lin
Huanxian Lin
Yujian Chen
Beilei Liu
Feng Wei Sun

RSFAS Pre-Masters Scholarship

Shanshan Liu
Anqi Liu
Hanyi Lu
Anna Li
Suyi Ye
Tianbo Wang
Zijian Zhou
Xiran Wei
Danhong Chen

CBE UG ATSI Scholarship Karla Martin

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