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ARC 2019 Funding Round

ARC awards research in the national interest

28 November 2018

The Australian Research Council announced a new round of funding on Tuesday 27th November, with six academics from the College of Business and Economics involved in projects funded across three different research schemes. This is a huge achievement for these researchers, the College and the University, and marks a continued rise in interdisciplinary research projects with the potential for large scale impact.

Discovery Projects

Professor Eric Stone: Guiding principles and guardrails for genetic association studies.

This project aims to investigate deep connections between genetic structure and the ability to use statistics in detecting variants responsible for variation in traits. The project expects to generate new knowledge in the areas of statistics, mathematics and biology through an innovative, multidisciplinary approach that synthesises and extends foundational disciplinary results. This should provide significant benefits by reducing false conclusions and their associated costs.

Associate Professor Meijun Qian: Transport and productivity, a study on Australia's largest trading partner.

How does transport infrastructure support innovations, productivity gains, and industrial development? Using China as its basis, this study will look at the effects of this development on productivity as well as resource allocation in the manufacturing sector, output and efficiency growth, and the spatial allocation of capital and labour inputs. Knowledge derived from this project will be significant for Australia because China’s productivity, resource allocation, and competitive advantage directly impact Australia’s industrial development, employment and sustainable economic growth.

Dr Janice Scealy: A new generation of palaeomagnetic statistics (to be administered by ANU’s College of Science).

Palaeomagnetic analysis of Earth's ancient magnetic field helps us to derive plate tectonic reconstructions and to use geomagnetic reversals to date rock sequences. These applications depend on statistical methods that are either flawed or that lack sufficient diagnostic power to be useful for addressing increasingly complex questions. This projects expects to produce an urgently needed new generation of palaeomagnetic statistical analysis methods and provide quantitative tools that will have a widespread benefit and impact in academic and industrial research.

Associate Professor Fedor Ishkakov: Understanding and overcoming confusion in consumer financial decisions (with the University of Sydney as Administering Organisation).

By studying superannuation and home loan decisions, this project aims to develop consumer-centred approaches to reducing the harmful effects of confusion in those financial decisions. The outcomes of this project include new models of complex financial decisions, and a better understanding of where confusion arises and the effects it may have. Decreasing confusion will raise financial well-being and help communities become more resilient to financial shocks.

Professor Martin Richardson: Trade and investment in the face of declining international cooperation (with the University of Adelaide as Administering Organisation).

This project aims to investigate the impact and policy implications of trade and investment policies in a world trade system facing increasing uncertainty. This is expected to result in new theories for the breakdown of international agreements and their effects on third world countries as well as empirical methods that allow for a quantification of the welfare and employment effects of investment policies. This project should provide benefits by informing government policy makers to improve Australia’s trade and investment policies.

The College also congratulates Dr Jana Sperschneider from Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics who has been granted a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award through the College of Science and Professor Eric Stone who, in addition to his DP grant award, was also involved in a successful Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities grant to be administered through the College of Science.

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