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Balancing industry success with academia

Balancing industry success with academia

18 September 2017

Bridget Browne, a Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Studies within the Australian National University Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics, has recently been appointed as the first female actuarial Partner for Ernst and Young (EY) in Oceania and the first to be based in Canberra.

After gaining extensive experience as an actuarial practitioner working within reinsurance and financial services, Bridget joined ANU in 2011 as a Senior Lecturer, with a desire to pursue actuarial research.

“In my previous role I was looking after a team that was effectively the R&D team for the firm, and coming to ANU meant it was a real opportunity to extend that into more robust, rigorous research. Being able to choose what you work on and having time to read and make those connections is great,” she said.

She says that for actuarial research to be relevant, it has to be relevant to industry.

“For me what’s really important is those connections between research and industry. Coming to ANU from industry, it was very interesting for me to see how strong those links were.

“Actuarial is an applied discipline, it’s less theoretical, so a lot of the best actuarial research is related to current industry topics, and can actually be applied in industry.”

She initially joined EY in 2015 as a Director, working within the Advisory portfolio with clients in government and the public sector, in areas including Health, Human Services, Defence, Immigration and Agriculture, and other agencies that need to quantify their risks.

“Joining EY for me was about getting back into practice while being based in Canberra. There’s limited financial services in Canberra so Government and Public Sector is the main game – it’s a new and exciting field for actuarial work.

"Taking on partnership is a whole new level of responsibility and part-ownership of the firm. So yes, it’s very exciting!”

Bridget also enjoys the teaching side of her work at ANU.

“It’s working with students in a way that is less like a student-teacher relationship and more like they’re junior peers, they’re future colleagues.

“Thinking of them that way is helpful for them as well because they really do need to change their mindset from ‘I’m a student’ to ‘How am I going to make my way in the world of industry?’,” she said.

Interim Director of the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics, Associate Professor Steve Sault applauded Bridget for her appointment as Partner at EY Advisory.

“Bridget is a key member of the Actuarial staff within the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics and has been instrumental in updating our course offerings at the Master’s level to ensure our students receive a contemporary education informed by real world industry applications.”

“I would like to congratulate Bridget on behalf of RSFAS for her well-deserved appointment as the first female actuarial partner for EY in Oceania,” he said. 

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